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turquoise earrings. small sterling silver hoops. Canadian seller. turquoise jewelry.


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aquamarine earrings. March birthstone jewelry. natural blue gemstones.


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mens rolo chain necklace. stainless steel jewelry. made in Canada


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mens box chain necklace. anodized aluminum jewelry. black necklace. made in Canada.


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agate earrings. natural stone jewelry. sterling silver hoops. made in Canada.


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one one pair pearl earrings. freshwater pearl studs. sterling silver posts. June birthstone jewelry


Item collection 1991415 original

sterling silver earrings. modern petal earrings in eco sterling silver. modern silver earrings. splurge.


Item collection 486379 original

square sterling silver hoop earrings


Item collection 3066326 original

sterling silver earrings in burnt orange. modern leaf earrings in pumpkin. splurge.


Item collection 1991684 original

modern silver earrings. geometric earrings. rain drop earrings. peacock earrings. splurge.


Item collection 1992094 original

mod circle silver earrings. geometric earrings. circle earrings. splurge.


Item collection 1991829 original

minimalist earrings in grey niobium. hypoallergenic earrings. modern niobium earrings. splurge.


modern handmade jewelry

Splurge is modern, artisan jewelry handmade in Calgary, Canada. I design and create jewelry in sterling silver, gemstones and pearls. I welcome custom orders and convos about my items or any aspect of my work.

To see my new items and get a brief glimpse of the splurge life please follow me on Twitter at or on Facebook at

Life can be complicated. Jewelry should be simple.